Badges 'n' stuff



I know that this is kinda sad, but can can the person with the highest number of badges have a name tag like you have “Developer” saying “Badge King”?


Let’s make it together @74R45 :grinning:




so you want me to check the forum 365 days in a row…
fine! I’ll do that


I have the badge for new user tutorial completed.
But I don’t understand how to get the badge for advanced user tutorial completed.
Can you help me?


I’m still waiting for answers about advanced tutorial badge…
And Discobot doesn’t help me anymore for that :’(
Can someone tell me how to get this badge, please, thanks!!


direct message discobot, saying @discobot start advanced user, and complete the tutorial


It doesn’t work here :cry:
@Rojoss: please dev can you fix this? …or better explain :wink:


Think you can reply skip to him to skip a step. (don’t tell anyone :wink: )


I have a private conversation with discobot.
But :

  • Impossible to just type “@Discobot” since it is less than 10 caracters
  • Impossible to just type “skip” since it is less than 10 caracters
  • Typing “@Discobot skip” doen’t do anything

I’m not even sure that the advanced tutorial has begun when I wrote “@discobot start advanced user”.
Perhap’s the most simple is that you give me that impossible badge. :yum:


Bonjour ! Pour voir ce que je peux faire, dites @discobot.


Changed the min characters to 4 for private messages.
Should be able to write it now.


Is anybody keep hunting badges?


If I’m correct I’m one of 2 “respected” members of the community (and yes I’m still badge hunting). (Damn @Rojoss I was the only one until you showed up :P)


I guess i’ll be the third person with that badge :3rd_place_medal: (or at least i hope to get it, this year, this life)


lol i think averazon has more badges,he gets lot of likes xd,the race for being “respected” is ON


Hehe yeahhhhhhhhhh :blush:


I have more than Averazon, he have got 21 (plus the leader badge) and i have 23. Also, there is some users with more than me (like Rojoss :frowning:), which means that Averazon isn’t a badge hunter…


25 :3

Edit: Rojoss also has 25… :’(


Wow, i just found that…
Top 10 most liked users in the forum

And of course, i’m there :smile:

By the way, check how many likes have 44FrenchFries gave to the community :heart: