Badges, Badges and more Badges



Can you guys help me get all the badges?
I need 1,000 clicks on this link Badges Link (pls click here)!

I need 50 likes on this topic!

I am going to reply to this topic and I need 50 likes on that too!

How do I get Certified and Licensed?

New user of the month | Can I not get this one now?

and that should be it for now! <3


Why did you delete those?


The reply was not working.
Now, this post needs 50 Likes!


This post needs 50 likes!

replays are so broken :frowning:




I made a third account :joy:




ikr lol


Why do you try for something like this?



I am confused on how to get this badge. May someone provide a detailed explanation on how to get this badge?