Bad words in chat


Look what I found ban him pls do it


lol just made same topic… add to mine


Guys, there is no need of topics in the forum to report a player. Just right click on the player you find for guilty, click report, pick a reason for the report and describe the problem.


bro i think he is on mobile so he cant


Seeing this way too often since the update. devs plz mod :frowning:


We just got a new chat moderator. Keep reporting people that do not behave and we will do something about it…

However it was always like this. You just didn’t see it once you got into a game.


So sorry you had to experience this :frowning: We are always trying to get an awesome community which loves to interact. Sometimes people are a little upset and react like that in-game :confused: Though, you can report this! :smiley:

As Line said, we just hired a new awesome chatmod! cough @ItsTheRealMath
In this video, you can see on how to report in-game. We very often check this so no worries, you’re safe :wink:


There is no chat in the mobile version :wink:


However @Averson there is no chat in the mobile version of the game yet. So this is the only thing i could do in this sernario…


Alsoo can you ban pg13


I understand. In that case you are free to screenshot the chat. You can send us the screen on :smile:

Since this should answer your question, I will close this. If you have additional questions, feel free to dm me :wink:

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