Avatars for gems?



Hoi all Curvers!
So i hav an amazing idea about avatars for GEMS :gem: . All avatars would be for 50 gems at the start but if the avatar is higher on battle pass (+ 10 bp levels = +10 gems) they would be more expensive exmpl : The One Pegasus wing = 50 gems but The Broken Heart = 100 gems…
thx for reading and pls post ur feedback about this idea
Cheers, Meownaut


Btw ye im stupid so I’ve voted for this lol


Another cool idea for the game would be a gold leader hat for VIP users, or a custom leader hat for VIP users. A custom skin for VIP users or a custom skin for 600 gems would be pretty cool too. I do know that the game isn’t developed though.


If the game was developed …
Nice idea btw Horton!


Bois the game is lagging again and i can’t play