At the Curve Fever Cafe



Basically, you name a food item somehow related or inspired directly by Curve Fever Pro. It’s simple.
You can also take inspiration from the person who posted before you.

I’ll take a STEW FEVER, please.


poopy skin soupy. :rofl: this is why I don’t do forum games…

but no for real…Coffee made from "Zap"ped beans with “one shot” of “mine”…hopefully I won’t “trippy” out from the “Bomb” poisoning because if I did it would put me in a “reverse” for a day. I like it because it never gets cold its like outside of time; it “blocks [the] clock” and it really gives me a nice “speed boost” to start my day. Without this coffee I feel like “hiding myself,” putting on the “break,” and going back to bed. Using a “shield” in bed also helps because I don’t get attacked by random flies at night.

Long story short coffee with zapped beans is the bomb!


I don’t know If it’s that kind of café, but I’ll have a double shot :3


I’ll take multiple shots then :heart:


I will take a speed fever cookie and some speed burst thee


I don’t like the cake they have in the Cafe. It’s too Repulse-ive. :grinning:


Can I have a Stealth shake? Or some Rep-ple?


Wow! The sugar in the foods doesn’t lead to SPEED BURSTS!


Ill take one laser cake, speedy cookie and some shieldy coffee.