Ask a question without saying yes or no



what is the meaning of life?:joy:


Beachvolleyball <3

Ever played it?


@hohoho are you triggered?


Not anymore, i Will win the next tour wathever

@Cat_Curver are you the best player in the game?


i think i am the best player who is currently active as well as the best player who EVER played.

@Averazon, what’s the problem if @hohoho isn’t triggered? It’s just a joke about how people get angry at the game sometimes… :confused: So sad that all those interesting comments were deleted.

Should Aidan the egg’s original topic be reopened?

  • Oh
  • Yeah
  • Y e a h

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oh yeah yeah



no no

W-what even is this oh yeah yeah stuff? I have been living under a rock :frowning:


search “MaximilianMus oh yeah yeah” on youtube

What way do you eat eggs


I like my eggs scrambled with I side of fries (not with fries thought)

Do you like tacos?


I like these :taco:s.

Isn’t saying oh yeah yeah everywhere basically raiding? :sob:



You want some dinosaur chicken nuggets


Wait, how am I supposed to answer to that without using the magic, not-allowed word?

What’s your favorite food?


dat not a y or n question

wanna side of fries with that


…Isn’t this Ask a question without saying y or n?!

What’s your favorite food? (trying again :laughing:)


no it is a challenge to ask a question that has y or n and have the other human (or robot) struggle to answer the question

are you going to try again


MAYBE, but… Look… :frowning:

edit: i’m a stupid robot please don’t hate me

…what’s your favorite food?! :cold_sweat:


dinousaur chcken nuggets :chicken:

Are you good at the game



But what game?


The game of life



are you high?