Ask a question without saying yes or no


:joy: obviously great idea cause fever a by far not op rn #sarcarsm

Technical question just cause i am interested: Do you take in account module combinations as well when calculating the balancing (meaning that commonly used and overpowered modules get nerfed even if on their own they are not that op)?


oh stop with madness, no unbalance before tour.



Rob it was a serious question :joy: thats is what this game is about haha

Who is meow still the GOAT?


i did though!

why you always lying?



What are you talking about? :joy:



Do you like pizza? 'Cause I don’t. Kinda.


YOU DONT LIKE PIZZA?! i do, I expect lots of people to like pizza.

Do you like CurveFever?



have you ever had a F in a class?


I think :thinking: , don’t think so though, I too smart.

R u bad moderator, as in being smart


well it depends how you define bad, but nah, I do my job very well.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

why do you ask such questions?


Curious, plus new to forums.

Are you good at CurveFever?


fairly decent.

well, welcome to the forum!

are you new to cf altogether?


Pretty much, just joined CurveFever in December, joined forums this week.

Since your name is robt (kind of like robbed) r u going to rob me??


Well he robt me. Altough I think that was just because I was number 1. So I guess it depends on how well you do.


No question lelz
Pineapple on pizza?


I tried it last month, I don’t need it.

Do you like Doner/kebab?

@theangelov donerbrothers xD


I can’t stop thinking of me and a doner in my hands ( :heart: )


IDK What it is

Do I code on Scratch?


idk do you?

Do you think Wikipedia is a reliable source?


Wikipedia is not a reliable source for school projects. It is ok for a quick visit to learn something.

Have you ever been to the US?