Are scripts allowed?



Hi! Recently there was a discussion in discord about players using scripts which allow you not to think about pressing “up” or “down” when you use thin+corner for instance: it is pressed automatically. So I wonder: is that allowed? I mean it seems that it definitely gives you and advantage, because you’re not concentrated on using all 4 keys, 2 is enough, so you just care about survival. For me it seems like cheating. But I wonder what devs think.


No, this is not allowed and therefore it’s cheating. You can get banned if you use this.


Hello @NICK

Thank you for your question.
The answer to this is very simple. Using scripts will give you an advantage when playing the game. That basically means that it is cheating.

If we notice people are using it we will take action like we always do.


Thanks a lot! I won’t tell whom I suspect in this, but I hope that your message is delivered to everyone now.


NICK will be a great class prefect.


I know who you suspect :joy: and I will look into it some more.

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