Are jokes not allowed?



I was making edgy jokes (child molesting jokes) i know, not everyone will find my jokes funny. But regardless, it is a joke. Hence, joke is not a crime. You don’t like it, well you don’t, some find them funny. Stop with the PC stuff. I know it is kids game, but still a joke is a joke. Can someone answer me, what is allowed and not? I have 3 warning now and will lose my account for another “joke”, so what kind of joke is allowed?


Hi, it seems you gave the answer in your own message, but if you want a more detailed description of the lines not to cross, please refer to the rules:


Thanks for responding. It doesnt say anywhere in the rules that jokes are not allowed. Can you point to the section where it does? Also a joke is not meant to be harmful, so i dont see how that applies at all.


We would refer to this section of the rules:

Jokes are obviously allowed. It is often obvious enough when we take care of reports when things are meant as a joke or not, and more often than not we let it fly. However if the content is still seen as problematic in that it is seen as going too far with regards to the rule points above, it may still trigger a warning or more, regardless of the intent.