April Fools!


I remCan you do another april fool’s prank pls? Last year you guys made power recharges like 3 times shorter. Missiles recharged every 0.7 secs so everyone was missile spamming and that was how I got dia for the first time xD Pls do it again


April fool’s were gud last time… Hope they will make a prank


Never joined last year for April Fools… I can imagine hide self spammers in that time.


That was one of the best initiatives by devs! I’m not sure it’s possible now because there’s no devs team anymore, but would be so great!


If they saved that game mode in some sort of config they could just reinstate it just for April fools would be amazing
(thinkin about it its prop not as easy as i think it is)




xD from where u bring these hillarious pics i laugh at them all time :joy::joy::joy:




like the lemon rn


Its Lime u Dumb


omg english my third lang stop complaining that was close enough :pensive: