April Fools Madness Collection


lets collect all your wierd screenshots and plays from yesterday. So that future generations will be wondering wft was happening duing this post.

Ill start:

This is Depth and me surviving for 7 minutes with break Timebomb. We deleded all lines there were u can only see ours xD We also catched all shots that Lara had shot befor dieing. thats why she has +300 and we got -60.

Theese are eternally flying gosts xD Hycek and i we used thick and teleport to do this. Thoose would fly untill the round ended.

Oh yea and a screenshot of the fist 15 minutes when shots had 50% cooldown. U gotta keep a look at the bottom right xD also i survived second in the first round and instead of having 50 points i had only 2 xD never seen someone having 2 points.


Camping with shots :joy:


haha awesome :smiley:


Yo the last one was me! I was afk lol
did u have a screeny where u were at 2 points? :joy:


I made this youtube video!


lmao was hoping this thread would have a lot more screenshots


Here are some screens that where posted on discord but dident arrive here.

Laras infinit corner camping.

And a cool looking camp by the Gost.
Those are all the screens i found.

Btw. kinda funny u posted those on insta xD i kinda feel like im a mod xD


I win :sunglasses:


Nice art!


Funny thing is i didnt copy it from a pic or something it came out random :joy:


the amount i of lag would have gotten from that… goddamn :grimacing:


Oh believe me, it was sooo laggy, I once at the end had like…20k ping? Or something haha


I beat your reccord 180k ping :laughing:
I did not know it was possible