Anyone who played early


Is there anyone who used to play this in like march or something.
btw this game got a lot worse in my opinion


I agree. I played since the beginning, and the game really has gotten a lot worse in some aspects. The first ever game mode(though buggy) was very enjoyable, but I do enjoy this game mode more, personally. However, the power system is unfair and noncompetitive…rechargeable powers? I mean, c’mon! You use up powers even in unranked private games?! This all also deters players from playing for rank – i.e., the are more likely to play for just crates.

On the poll, over 76-77% of people currently play the game less than before the update. Furthermore, the players in queue is about around 40 to 45 – an all time low(except in the early stages of the game).

It’s becoming pay to play. It is indeed sad that the devs are losing money sustaining this game(as Rojoss told me), but it’s even sadder that they found the solution to be overcharging people. It costs a lot for skins and gems. While players have asked for a decrease in prices, it doesn’t happen. What the devs don’t get(or maybe they do get it and I’m being a bit too mean here, there are only six people on the team anyways) is that lowering the prices will cause more people to spend money.

Some monetary solutions, many of which have been previously suggested by others:

–Go around giving talks or something about the game. This might be a bit awkward, however, but may help spread popularity.
–Have players watch videos to reduce the waiting time for crates.
–Reduce some prices.
–Set up some merchandise(might want to ask players on what sort of merchandise they want to see so that you don’t invest too much into the wrong merchandise). I’m not really sure how good your budget is on spending for merchandise.

Those are all general, and there are some gameplay stuff that could be altered too.


Same as @Dragonfyre . I totally agree with you both. Deleting “uses” for modules is a must. I dont mind all powers on the same level. But stop making this game pay2play. Most good players left or play less. This game isnt competetive now and its not even funny. Whats funny or competetive in playing with silvers? You devs have the last chance to revive this game. Dont miss it.


I personally think that uses can be kept. It was to encourage diversity. What I want removed is rechargeable powers and for them to be replaced with free powers again. For example, instead of getting rechargeable powers, you get new free powers every few games.

There should also be preset “combos” of powers so that no one ends up with just defensive powers, etc. For example, {brake, laser, jump} could be one combo, and you receive combos. So that the game is not confusing, don’t tell players about the combo system. Let them think that the free powers are selected randomly if they want to so that the explanation of “combos” isn’t there to confuse them.

The good thing about combos is that you can experiment with unique ones. The devs, of course, are the ones making the combos. They could have stuff like the following:
{brake, laser, jump} This designated combo lets you either be pure survival or to help survive as you fry people with your laser
{brake, laser, speed} Again, this lets you do the laser+survival thing, where you can activate that laser without easily crashing, but additionally, there’s the combo of being able to speed up then activate brake to stop yourself from crashing.
{speedy fever, zap, trippy fever} You can go all fevers, a much-used power set, or zap and speedy fever also works.
{brake, time bomb, speedy fever} Use the time bomb to blow up curves and enemies for survival as you press brake while waiting for it to detonate. Or, of course, run into your speedy fever and press brake to stop it.

There are many other unique combos out there that could be really nice. Asking help from players could work, as they are likely aware of combos. So, rather than all your free powers being chosen entirely randomly, a random combo is chosen. There are so many possible combos that it’s very difficult for a player to get the same combo twice.

Rechargeable powers is just another gimmick to gain money, and it really does establish the game as pay to play. Besides, what’s the point of using rechargeable powers unless you’re out of plays on them?

I have a lot more ideas right now on how to improve the game, but please take these ones into consideration as well. I mean, your playerbase(and payerbase as well) has plummeted drastically. You must be desparate once you’re back from the holidays.



I love this idea :smiley:








I think with knockouts the game would crash rn … the real good players would rek everyone to pieces

I think it is good that all powers r equal.

Also i believe the limited uses will be removed sooner or later




yeah i used to be ranked back in march when knockout mode was a thing and then they reset the ranks and it was so much better back in march in my opinion i do like how the ships are smaller though


Does anybody still play?


Sure :joy: there is seeming more and more newbies. But the ogs are all gone or play very rarely


indeed i left this game on xmas ,i visite this forum sometimes to catching up with the major news


Its harder to rank up as well cause you get like +0/1 if you win and -5 if you get second :joy: i wonder what the next tour is going to be like …


It makes even harder, that u can’t really see any GM-s ingame to have high ranked games with… If one appears, all the newbies wonder, what’s that red stuff next to their name… And btw. Owl also quit, so it’s a good question, when will be the next tour.


I quit being a tour moderator, but someone else will take over the role. I still play (even if the game hates me):

^^Please come back gms - we need you^^


The problem is that some people @Caracoleh767 :joy: have at least 10 accounts in the top 100 :joy:
And well most good players left or downranked and left :joy:


This og is still here baby! But I’m not a gm so nobody cares :cry:


I do agree, although I wouldn’t consider it to be worse on the out-game side of the game. The crate-cooldown/lock on modules were BS. Glad it is gone, I like the stealing aspect, but would like a gamemode option or rotation where powerups destroy ships (rip speedZap :frowning:). The progression is better than it was imo. I like the idea of fair powerups.


#BringBackFreePowers :sob: