Any pro tips for new people/returning players to CFP?


Haven’t played this in a while, i think alot’s changed since i last played. If anybody has any protips for people here, feel free to share them in the post.


Here you go! Just have fun, and understand that its just a game!


Dont expect anything.

Dont like something cause it will be changed.

Dont spam fevers!!!

Have fun :joy::heart_eyes:


Dont like something cause it will be changed.

So true…


Survival is important. Spam fevers for days. Take a mine with you if you can because it will help you survive.


@Property Just avoid getting trapped, cause with new gap sizes you best be a good shot at getting through them without a little tap. Also just bring fevers you can spam if you want to win.


Learn to predict others’ movements, it will help you steal more points.


Just play gud… that’s all you need to know. :joy:


Survival is more important than before.