Any little tips for people who might not be good at keeping up their trophy level? :)



I keep playing CFPro regularly but sometimes my trophy level just drops greatly. I was just wondering if anyone out there had any tips for me (Or anyone else who might encounter this problem)


Hi, I am usually around GM20 or so :joy: here are some of my tips!

  1. Don’t focus on rank at the beginning.
  2. Find a combo of powers you like!!!
  3. Once you found that combo, only play with it and nothing else for a while!
  4. You will improve on that combo a lot!
  5. Adapt your playstyle to the chosen combo. Some combos need to be played very passively, others very aggressively.
  6. Focus on surviving.
  7. Time to tryhard for trophies! Don’t ever forget to have fun :wink:

If you have any questions feel free to ask :joy:


Thank you so much! I have found a combo of powers I like and sometimes I switch them up a bit, so I will try those tips out. Again, thank you! :smile: :joy:


What is your combo? I could potentially give you some tips you might find helpful :stuck_out_tongue:


I use: Muli-Shot in the back and Curve-Blind in the front.


Nice combo!

Tips for multi :joy: I know this might sound dumb … but try to shoot at holes, it is very good aim practice. Obviously if someone is near you, you better shoot the player :joy: also try to get good at shooting backwards!

Curve Blind is not very useful. But you can make it work. I personally would suggest using a mine up front or jump, because those help you survive longer. The fevers work as well tho and can confuse players a lot :joy: If you have it, I would suggest using speedy fever or the big turn fever :joy:


Oh! Thanks, I will try this out…I do use :rofl: ‘Practice shots’ on holes sometimes. I am only getting used to the direction it shoots. I do have speedy fever and I will try it out. I tried out trigger bomb a bit, but that didn’t end well. :rofl: Thanks again!


Good luck :wink:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I use time bomb brake when i want to win but if i wanna have more fun i use one shot and multi. I saw a couple pros using this combo so i was like, “hmm ill try it maybe is good” Ive been playing with it for a couple days and i think im improving but not that fast, maybe you have some tips for me as well @Line


Wow those are two entirely different combos :joy:

Timebomb + brake: You obviously want to survive as long as possible, and both modules help you a lot with that. Theoretically you could survive infinitly … I personally stretched one single round to over 10 minutes ones :joy: a friend used the same combo and we did it until everyone else left … toxic as hell but it was fun :joy:

One shot + Multi: Very and I mean very offensive combo. I used to play it as well. A good tip might be, ones you hit someone, follow them and try to hit 1 more follow up shot. If you hit again repeat the process, your shots should reload while you shoot the other one. If you miss try to get away and find the next victim. You want to have as many options as you can. Without any possibility to jump/brake others curves you need to predict where they go so that you can shoot them :stuck_out_tongue:
Never shoot them at the same time :joy: that is what noobs do that cannot aim :joy:


Just one thing I would like to add to Line’s tips (which is maybe good for dia/gm or any long survival rooms). I observed Svo style (who was and maybe is probably the best with this combo) and he never went for anyone like crazy (sometimes noobs decide to focus someone and go for him no matter what). I mean: if you see the player which is within reach you should try to go as Line described. But if you see at for instance half round that you cannot reach anyone right now, don’t go for hard and risky paths to get them, just take your time and space and wait while they will come closer to you. Or maybe they won’t but then you will get survival points! Also remember that your high-damage offensive force is also a defensive force: people will always leave you enough space because they don’t want to come close to you :wink:


I would just like to share a replay match of mine: about a fourth of the way into match 5, I cross over red and it seems to be very questionable…I just wonder what people’s thoughts are on this. :rofl:
I am Orange. And, mind you, not very good with multi but working on it! (So many missed shots :laughing: )
And I also don’t like my username a friend chose it for me. XD


Happens quite often, when your hitbox is exactly over the one from your opponent there is 2 options :joy: either both die, or both move on … the devs went for the second option as you can tell


Great tips. As a spammer I tend to find there’s a weakspot for players without a defensive module that can get them in or out of a situation fast. Such as jump, dash or a mine. At the same time a good hide player is hard to target but when the fever or laser does come you may find you will have to suicide (also sacrificing your survival points) or give away the points unlike one of the other modules which would enable you to dodge and continue. I prefer mine, since it can be used to steal, aswell as block shots, lasers and other mines. I use it to trap angle players and hop about too so its priceless to me for my play style and I think probably one of the most versatile modules. Jump, dash or teleport are also excellent if used right and will allow you to be unpredictable and harder to hit.

Combine that with practising survival. Make camps in a custom match alone and try to curve as close as you can, and go through as many holes and tight spaces as possible. As you get better at this you will notice it pays off when applied in matches, along with reading players and focusing on survival, using space well and getting in a good position as like Nick said. Some of the top players actually put some excellent camping techniques and tips that you can try out in the comments section of a topic I posted Last year when I was struggling to progress from diamond. Now I’m around gm50 most of the time thanks to the help provided there. Hope this helps and good luck! :slight_smile:


thanks line! ill use these tips.


Thank you Zero! Those are some awesome tips and I did rank up after applying them but haha I’m only Gold 2 but that’s fine. (And I actually think I played in a match with you once…you were Diamond…) Anyway, thanks again!


So just out of curiosity, I did an extremely painful long and for some reason VERY LAGGY run by myself in a custom game and it gave me a bronze crate and a ton of battle points :laughing: for constantly going through holes. I figured someone else has done this but I needed to see it for myself :rofl: Here’s the game:
This is my edit: As I watched the replay, it just seemed I suicided a ton of times when in the actuall game it was lagging. I never knew that to other people it looked normal and not laggy. XD If someone’s gonna view it just skip to the end it’s longggggg


@BananaRam You stole my words! Same!


i have a tip
: you should always have fun while playing
and even if you are 4th or worse , you always can comeback to 1 or even better :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:
aNd you should try out, in what powercombo s you are great
have a niCee day