Answer-Question challenge



after a couple weeks off in this forum,i’ve returned with some more energy to bring in you guys a maybe repetitive game ,but here i go :joy:
title say everything ,i will start off with the folowing question,after answering it you must ask whatever u have in mind,to keep that constant Q-A loop
…let the ideas flows…

Q:What is your favorite spot to watch the sunset?

A: probably my window or roof because i rarely leave my room
Q:what law in your country would you change?


A: to assault

Q: whould you eat an alpaca if you were trapped on a deserted island and how to capture and cook it


A: i wouldn’t eat @Noodles,i rather eat pythons and rats probably
Q:what you’d do if u were the richest people in the world,would u help helpless ppl for example