Another list with ideas for the game



Here is some ideas for powerups:

[Poisonous Gas] > throwable (fever type) powerup, unpickable, every player is invisible inside the fever, it takes N damage per second.
(It looks like: green clouds circulating inside the fever)

Steals: 3% per second
Cooldown: 6s
Activation Delay: 0.6s
Trigger Size: 100
Duration: 6s

[Spikes] > throwable (mine type) powerup, breakable after two touches.
(It looks like: spikes, i guess)

Steals: 5.5% per hit
Cooldown: 5s
Activation Delay: 1s
Trigger Size: 100
Duration: None

(PS: Once a player go into the Spike’s area, he loses 5.5% of his points. If a player go inside the spikes twice, he lose x2 5.5% of his points and the spikes break)

[Line Thrower] > throwable (defensive type) powerrip, the powerup makes x2 normal sized hole into the player’s line, the missing piece of the line is throwable as small circle.
(It looks like: the player’s color - circles. Yaaay)

Steal: Pfft, nothing, you can just kill your opponents with this powerup
Cooldown: 7s
Activation Delay: 0.001s
Trigger Size: 30
Duration: Pernament (unless someone destroy it with mine)

[Backward Jump] > activating (defensive type) powerup, you can jump with 180° ship rotation and 1 centimeter away from your line, you can choose on which line side you want to land by pressing the right or the left key.
(It looks like: normal jump + your ship rotates 180° + 1 centimeter away, obviously)

Cooldown: 6s
Duration: 0.5s

And now, a survivor gamemode:

[Falling Meteors] > There are falling meteors into the game field, watch out!!! 10 seconds after a start of a round, falling meteors crash into the field and block your way (if they fall onto your ship, you are fried meat). It might look tough to dodge them, but don’t worry! You will be able to see their shadows 2 seconds before their crash. You gain 10 point for every player who has died before you. The player with the most point at the end of round 9 wins!

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 07-10-2019 | 2.0.6 | New Powers

Use shield to protect from meteors


I just got an idea for a powerup. What about a shock wave? It would be something like this:


Im open to listen and analyse different types of powerups,i play also clash royale and there are so many different methods to play,i think thats the enjoyable as well


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