Announcing Curve Fever Pro!


Lets Hope this isnt another Cf3 disaster repeat.

(The “shooting” and “jumping” part sounds terrible to be honest but we will see )


yeee it’ll take a lottt of time to learn how to use those things properly


Hi! I’m so excited! :star_struck:
I wanna already play!
There was an info that if I sign up to a newsletter, I will be able to test the game, however I didn’t become any link or possibility to join the game. Is it normal, that not every user can already play or just I am not doing it right? :wink:


We’ll send out an email with more information about the play test if you’re subscribed to the newsletter.

Sign up link:


exciting! :smiley:


I am already subscribed :slight_smile:


OMG, I’m so excited! That’s what I was looking for! Can’t wait to test it myself :slight_smile:


Give us a downloadable version for better performance


I’m sure the performance will be great anyways, they talked about this too much for it to not be good xD


Hope that it will be on Flash or client ^^


i just wanna see the most of pro players together in this new game,at least for the 1st tourney


Is this updated version of with guns and stuff?


I am just kidding. Looks cool. :blush:


Waiting for play test. Keep up good work. :v:


i can see u crush on other lines quite easily thats bad :confused: didnt even see the curve touching or sth :/:expressionless:



just to remind you :upside_down_face:


Hey everyone,

How is it going on cf2 ? quit for a while

I was expecting a cf2 remastered but it seems its totally new, I look forward to test it.




3 days left! I really look foreward to playing the final game!!


Awesome! It’s never final though :slight_smile: We’re going to support, improve and expand. The release is only the beginning.