Announcing Curve Fever Pro!


After a year of hard work, the Hidden Monster Games team is delighted to finally share what we’ve been working on. Announcing Curve Fever Pro! Curve Fever Pro takes the classic Curve Fever gameplay to the next level, expanding it with a multitude of new abilities to upgrade. Customize your ships with an arsenal of diverse powers, weapons and traps such as jumping over curves, shooting, dropping bombs, and much, much more.

Curve Fever Pro, coming to your browser, on February 26th, 2018!

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I’m looking forward to this, it looks fantastic :heart:


Here we go again. Let’s hope this one sticks around for longer! :star_struck:

edit: Meanwhile over at “Apache is functioning normally”. Good to know your webserver is okay!


Great :):sunglasses::person_fencing:


Looks cool!!
Hope it is similar to previous CF!!




Interesting, its kirk here fellas.


cool so excited :smiley:


Looks amazing!!! :slight_smile:


dis gon b gud


Nice :ok_hand:


looks nice but i am worried so much just like before curve fever 3 release :confused:


Probably the system only be the same, maybe the game is different


Jason why did u take real’s name


Just trolling a bit^^


lol, what happens now when the real realmadrid wants to take this name? xD


I’ll just change it