Angle turns bug


When using angle turn (a.k.a corner/90 degrees/half pi radians/stairway to heaven) there are situations when the curve is perpendicular to another curve/wall and just before you die, you smash that left/right key.
The bug is that you die anyway. At first i thought my reaction is too slow, but I’m preety sure by now this is a bug. Best example is doing 180° turns and getting closer to the wall. Usually you can touch the wall without dying but not when cornering.

I hope I was clear, but just to be safe I’ll include this replay:
First 2 rounds are good enough examples.

You can prove me wrong by touching the wall with corner :slight_smile:


That’s an old bug. I guess everyone knows, but they didn’t fix it because angle is anyway op. Why should they make it even stronger?


Technically speaking this is not a bug. It is just how corner or curving in general works in this game. The hitbox is slightly ahead of your “ship”. While curving normally this is not too big of an issue but with corner u see it.

Another thing that is related to this, is the fact that you can phase through another player if the hitboxes are directly over each other.


I completely agree with Line’s reply. It’s an mechanic that derived from another mechanic, which is ships having hitboxes in front of them. It’s pretty annoying at first, but you get used to it really quickly.
Also, one reason ships like Pink, Candy and Poopy are considered better than some others is that their hitboxes are closer to the pivot (place around which the ship turns). In my opinion, all ships should be the same, but hey if that’s how it is, I’ll play along I guess :crazy_face:


The hitboxes are of the same distance I believe. The thing that throws people off is that the ships themselves are bigger.


As I remember, the hitbox is white inner part of the ship. It can’t be the same for all the ships considering square-head is definitely bigger than triangle.


Nope you cannot see the hitbox


yeah you can’t see the hitbox, but remember when rojoss sent pics of some ships’ hitboxes? we found out that they’re of the same size but some are further away from pivot


Could be. Not sure anymore, was a long ass time ago :joy: … that would be kind of unfair tho as you mentioned


well you see it’s not just a “could be”, you can feel it really well when using corner, especially if you compare Pink to something like Rasta.
with Pink I can get a lot closer to walls and borders


Pink da best skin!