Angle turn and macro



I have seen people use angle turn and macro but I never knew how to get marco. Pls help!


It is illegal to use a macro to play Cfp or do angle turns with. Most of the people that you think are using a macro are likely just very good at angle turns.


I asked a couple of GM’s including Che they told me its aloud


It isn’t allowed, ask any of the mods, and they will tell you using macros in competitive play is banned.


Hey Nick, using macros is not allowed (especially in Quickplay or ranked matches) - and even so a macro would be pointless now with the Angle Turns nerf now :slight_smile:


nice meme


nick my man just pm me and i’ll show you how to use macros without anyone knowing


funny joke denys zagvoiskyj


im being serious.


Wait macro’s bannable what


how do u pm? is that bookmark?


ok so i went to (or do if it doesnt support ur computer (windows only)) and download free insta win angle macro
It’ll kill ur fps but it gives u insta win and autofire powers
Also has aimbot, but u gotta pay 6.99$ USD for that
Edit: its not also its 100% legit


Deny what macro site u use


Please do not advertise potentially unfair cheats to anybody. You could have just said there is a website that you can download the script.


u know im joking right


I didn’t know, sorry
6.99 though? xd


its not even a real website ;-;


yeah tbh i clicked the link


i got the 50% off discount limited until Febuary 30th

#20 is a marco website :slight_smile: