Analyzing 180


in this post, I will be analyzing 180s potential if it’s played perfectly. I know that the game is more complicated in reality, but I’m using simplifications to show some interesting concepts.

I put some interesting sidenotes in spoilers since they are unnecessary to the post.

  1. Dogging.
    The way dogging works in this game is simple. If you don’t have any modules equipped, you can dodge into all of these places:
    You can’t reach int0 to the circle, since you can only go circular. At least not instantly at this moment.
    Most powers don’t change this underlying mechanic of the game. They only give you the ability to go over walls in any way. There are only 2 exceptions. 180 and corner.
    If I draw the same picture with 180 it looks like this:
    180 effectively doubles the potential spots you can dogge to.
    Pretty good tight? Keep in mind that it also can go over walls. Both of thees combined make it by far the best dogging ability in the game.
Why Che became untouchable

Corner is the only power that can match is corner. Corner can dodge in any direction at any point.Screenshot_9
You can see that there is no space that is blocked for a corner player. No circles that can be reached. This explains quite well why Che had the ability to doge everything. He simply had a better way to doge than normal curvers.
But keep in mind, Corner has 2 big disadvantages. It can’t pass lines on its own, and curves are the most effective way to waste space for a corner player.

  1. With this in mind, we can get to my second point. At its essence, 180 it’s a short teleport that repositions you directly behind yourself. This characteristic makes it really hard to predict you. You are essentially at 2 places at the same time.
    If someone else wants to hit you with a projectile, he needs to predict if you keep on going forward or press 180 at some point to dodge.
    Let’s say you are the attacker in this scenario. You can choose between 2 positions to aim for.
    Which one, do you pick?
    If you shoot at the spot on the right, the 180 player can just use 180 and doge. If you aim for the left spot, he will just not use 180. No matter what you do, your enemy cant get shot, even if you have perfect aim.
    Of course, in reality, you can hit 180 players if they make a mistake or if 180 is on cooldown. But in a perfect world, 180 players are untouchable. BTW, the same concept applies for Corner.
Focusing 180 players

This is also the reason why 180 players are hunted with 2 players in good lobbies.
The first uses his shot to get 180 on cooldown and the second one steals points.
But even with that tactic, there is no guarantee.
Why would the first player blow his shot so that the second can benefit?
In a perfectly rational world, this tactic student be viable.

  1. Ok, we can now come to the most insane feature of 180, blinds spots.
    This is easier to explain with a picture.
    Let’s take oneshot as an example. Onshot shots in a straight line.
    Since you can only shoot in a straight line, a player who is directly behind you is the furthest away from your shooting direction.
    If you want to hit that player, you would need to turn at least 180 degrees.
    To cover all your blind spots, you would need to at maximum 180 degrees, at any given moment. This number decreases the more projectiles you fire.
    For example, the maximum turn you would need to make to cover all your blind spots with sideshot would be 90 degrees.
    As you can see, the turn to hit someone who is directly behind you is a lot smaller.
    With multi, this number is only 45 degrees to hit all your blind spots.
    What does this have to do with 180?
    180 cuts the maximum turn to hit all of your blind spots in half. (not in all cases).
    Let’s go back to the first picture. If you have oneshot and 180 I can even hit a player who is directly behind me. This leafs me with blind spots on the side, but I can reach those with a 90-degree turn.
    This is quite a cool feature, but there is one power where this gets problematic, LASER.
    Laser can in theory hit everywhere on the map at any point in the game.
    Laser works the same as onehot. The can both only hit players in front of the ship. BUT with 180 equipped you only need a 90-degree turn to hit EVERY spot on the map.
    A 90-degree turn takes roughly 0.7 seconds if you add lasers charge time on that its 1.5 seconds to reach every spot on the map. That’s absolutely nothing.
    To put that in perspective. The shortest time to explode a time bomb is 1 second. But this combo can hit every spot on the map in just a little more.
Using blind spots to analyze powers.

Blind spots can tell you a lot about a given power.
For example, multi only requires a 45degree turn to cover all its blind spots. That’s why players keep complaining about it. Blind spots only get problematic with throwabels that aren’t symmetrical on their x-axis. Double shot is a good example. Combined with 180 it basically becomes multi.
This is also a good explanation why side laser would be the worst idea ever.

180 is by far the most underrated power in the game. You could easily fix all of these problems by adding a little delay of for example 0.5 seconds to 180 and a sound that plays when the delay starts. If you even wish to change 180 since its not considered OP by a majority of the players.
I really hope you found this interesting. If not, don’t worry I did :wink:

Have a lovely day


Wow, you went overboard with this analysis. I like it, keep up the good work!


With the new border wrapping I think you are right in saying that 180 is theoretically untouchable. But before the update you still couldnt dodge frontal shots with 180 because it would just go through your wall.


That is prob the most popular way i use it


If you are good enough and utilize well it gives you more and more creative ways to use it, more bamboozling style shots different survival mechanics ,effective laser usage and also laser dodging .i don’t know if it is op but it is up there with dash, jump and brake