Am I Annoying in match Chat?



I’m not really new to CFP but I’d like to know a few things.

  1. Is it annoying when I rage/curse
  2. Do you find it offensive when I rage over the tiniest loss in rank
  3. Do you find me annoying in general

Basically I like Dragon Ball and I feel like people get annoyed at that.
I like combos for life method. Is that annoying using same combo most all the time?
I’m 15 and when i comment on topics like this @Liz2real dating topic it turns into a whole blown out argument. I feel like people think I love to argue. Not a truth. I really just like to have an agreement. Arguing is stressful. I get really upset when I feel like I’m losing lots of points due to one player. I feel like that makes many people avoid the chat because I start spamming unthoughtful comments.

So basically let me know what you think. Because I get really stressed after a few rage matches. Its really upsetting.


Btw. If you want to know more about me… better you private message me for my sake. I dont really like the word cringe but I will cringe if start explaining my life.


how did you make this thing


Go to gear and click hide details.


Curvefever is basically second life for me when I’m not doing school or getting into trouble.

Thanks :D



You’re welcome! It’s nice to be nice as Oscar the grouch once said.
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Here’s what I have to say…

This is kind of natural when it comes to competing games. Although some people don’t show it, they still get angry or sad when they lose, as long as they are serious when they play. What you could do to improve this kind of behaviour would be to:

  • Take your anger not on the players, but on something else. (Most of the time I either take it on myself or on the game itself :smile:)

  • Punch something to get your anger out. (Not electronics though. It would be good to keep a pillow around yourself when you play)

  • Instead of cursing in the game, just let it out loud if you’re alone.

I’m not sure how it’s for you, but when I play seriously, I have less chances of winning a game. That might be because, when I’m serious, I tend to focus the players who have stolen points from me. I do it with the intention to steal my points back by all means and therefore, I lose my cool.
When I play more relaxing, what I do is to not focus only a single person for the whole round (although it might happen if a person is close to victory) , but I go around the whole map stealing from the most convenient players. This way, my playing feels more natural and even if I lose, I would gladly accept my lost because the winner must have done well.

Personally, I have nothing against you nor I dislike you for any reason. I wouldn’t get annoyed by you because you like Dragon Ball, because that’s not even a bad thing. Many people are obbesed with something or like it on a level that they want to show it to everyone else. Even I watch animes and I try to show some great titles to my friends and I even receive some good reactions when I do so. There might be people who don’t like Dragon Ball or animes in general. So, don’t mind them and be yourself.

That’s a way of playing a game, why would anyone be annoyed by this? You either learn to play with multiple combos or master one and become a pro at it. Some people might be annoyed if your combo is overpowered, but not by the fact that you’re using it all the time.

Having arguments is not a bad thing. It’s actually considered as a good thing since you can hear what the other side thinks or even understand and agree with their point. Even most relationships are based on arguments since this way you get to know more about the other side. Just keep in mind that you have to keep moderated! Listen through all what the other side has to say, don’t interrupt them while they are talking and then say your points.

Well, these are my thoughs, I hope they will be of any help to you.


Yeah that happens to me too that’s why I keep a squishy near me whenever I play lol


wise man


Nice! Not gonna lie though it took me a full minute to read all that. Lol. Yeah I notice when I’m relaxed though and not focused on one player but on the game in general I destroy everybody. Usually the more upset I get at one particular match, the more I lose. Well thought out comment though. I appreciate the feedback.


Same for me @theangelov. If I’m not actually trying though, I’m usually more relaxed, and tend to do much better.


Oh, and, now that I think about I have more than one good combo. I usually use brake and stealth mine, but I also like to use brake/double shot and double shot/teleport. Or sometimes I can do good with stealth mine/and a fever doesnt matter which.


Mine’s mainly a combo of 2 shots (homing+1 shot, double+multi, laser+multi, etc.) Or, in certain 8Ffa cases, I might use homing and dash.
(Homing and dash works great on bronzes, but it starts to get meh when you’re up against dia+ players. )


I usually use teleport and sideshot, but if i’m in teams then i use teleport and brake.


I think I can close this topic now. Whoever does that please do it. The thing is kinda dumb now. Unless I spam about me.