Allow me to do an Official Introduction!



As you all know by now. I’m Mystic Gohan.


I tried to an introduction before but it wasn’t that great. It was really just a learning oppurtunity for me to get to know how you’ll want me to respond or if you like the way I already respond to different topics/posts. This time I’m going to share a little bit about myself.

Some games and stuff that I like!

You probably know that I enjoy Dragon Ball among a few other animes. You may not have known, however, that before I started watching dragon ball Almost religiously I knew almost nothing about anime. Dragon Ball introduced me to a different kind of entertainment.
Seeing as how I’m on forum, you probably also know that I enjoy cfp and all the other Curve Fever related content I can I get to on my school chromebook. (btw, you don’t have to say it. I know that school crhomebooks and chromebooks in general are pretty much trash.) My current rank in cfp is gold 5. I used to be diamond 1 but i’ve lost some of my skills lol. I’m working my way back though.
Something that you probably don’t know is that love to play a good Legend of Zelda game. Starting with Ocarina of Time I worked my way up. I’m currently playing BOTW (which stands for Breath of the Wild) I think that many people who may not have enjoyed the older Zelda’s can appreciate the open world of botw. It’s a fun game! :smile:

Well anyway, I’m not going go over my whole life story so I’ll leave it there. If you liked this introduction be sure to comment why and I’ll see it eventually. I was actually doing school when making this topic so I need to get back to it lol.

That’s Vegito The World’s most powerful candy!
If you want to watch dragon ball It’s free on hulu (subbed).


Did I make this for nothing?


I just lost sooooo many rank points. I’m a low gold 5 now instead of 10 away from diamond.


Cfp link :


Have you ever seen another introduction, you do not go over your whole life story :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a friend irl that likes Dragonball a lot too


Lol. Just saying, there’s a WHOLE lot more I could say. I’m complicated.


More things for today. I ate a lot of carrots. I did school and it was boring. I lost 25 rank points all in one go. I had fun with emotes. Nice right?


Oh, and I shredded on my scooter that my dad fixed! And I rode my bike that has no brakes. How old did I say I was? lol


Broke a bone, in hospital… spending the night there with this crappy old iPad so I can’t play cfp (u can tell it’s an iPad by the spellcheck)


lol… sounds rough.


I got diamond yesterday! So that was nice. When you brush your teeth do you :

  • A. Rapid brush
  • B. Soft brush
  • C. Hard brush
  • D. Rapid Soft brush
  • E. Rapid Hard brush

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I Can Has Cheezburger? - cat brushing teeth - Funny Animals Online -  Cheezburger

For me I brush rapid hard. Im so fast I erase the cavities!


:left_speech_bubble: Only do what your heart tells you. — Princess Diana


@discobot you’re pretty chill. I was listening to collective soul today.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Btw sorry for spamming discobot. It was a challenge I found hard to refuse.


Im going to the dentist. I know I’ll have no cavities. Also, remember how I said I had gotten diamond back? Well then I got Diamond 1 star back and then I lost both Diamond 1 star and diamond no star and im gold 5 again. :sob:


who likes oysters? I vote me!


I like seafood in general.


Hey, I’m new to forums as well… I actually made this account today! Also I feel your pain when you wrote about losing rank points, some days I win every match I play in and others being in last place isn’t uncommon. I think what I listen to affects how well I play, if I listen to action packed music I tend to get distracted and stressed… and it also makes me prone to rage quitting lol, I’ve learned that listening to Reddit tts via youtube helps calm me down while also keeping me interested and stimulated while playing, idk, that’s just what I found helps but it could be completely different for you. :upside_down_face: