All Icons for VIPs


VIPs can upload all Icons they want. In theory, they could even download the existing icons that the game provides and use them even though they kind of never unlocked them.
I found a picture that had all icons in it so I guess here are ALL icons currently available in the game for you to use in perfect resolution and shape:


Anchor Bannana BearClaw Bicycle Brain Broken%20Heart Bunny Cactus CF2 Cogweel Cookie Devil DNA Drama Epic%20Sword Evil%20Crown Eye%20Of%20Providance Flaming%20Flames Flight%20of%20the%20Eagel Football Gasmask Gentelman Ghost Headphones Heart Hi%205 Knight Lipstick%20Stains Mars Mushroom Oregano Panda Paper%20Plane Paperclip Pegasus%20Wing PI Poop Power%20Button Radioactive Shuriken Skull Snowflake Space%20Rocket Star Sun The%20Sixteenth Thundercloud Top%20Hat Tornado Toxic%20Hazard Treble%20-%20clef Triangle Trololo Umberella Unicorn Venus Virus Wirl Wizard%20Hat Yin-Yang

Let’s see if this gets blocked.


I agree


The resolution is not perfect, I have tried this before, and the uploaded avatars do not have nearly the same resolution as the normal ones do. They often display as fuzzy and indistinct when you are in a game or lobby.


U may be right about that Idk what resolution is actually uploaded.
What I meant by that, there is no better resolution to these pictures. I posted them all in the best resolution available.


No, the resolution is good. It is simply the display of uploaded images
which is technically not the same as the standard avatars which is buggy