First one looks like you got shot by purple
Second one looks like you got shot/zapped by blue


No need to open a new topic when there is a recent and active one about exactly this bug
Air deaths are back.

But yea I also experienced a couple air deaths

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Where even is purple’s ship in the first one?


He (maybe) shot him through the wall from the other side. That’s unexpected so it may seem to be air death. But it could be really air death too :slight_smile:


2 air deaths in a game (6 rounds)
let’s do advanced math formulas: 2/6 = 1/3 = 0.333 = 33% of air deaths
please, do something…


Lol you don’t do statistics on small samples x)


Pack it up boys, we have exactly 33.3% air deaths in every game ever played :smiley: /r/theydidthemath


are air deaths related to science?


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Hi Geert and Kev,
In one game I was a couple points behind and then I used speed ONCE, no stacking, and I had an air death. The next round I side shotted somebody and then another and I got an ultra-kill and +70. It’s not like I can make a game as good as this, but I just want you aware of some of the things that are continuing in this game. :slight_smile:


Title basically describes what happens, but I believe it only happens because a zap user was shot the instant they used zap. The hitbox stayed active so despite the fact that they were dead if anyone approached the zap radius they would also die.

At least that’s how I believe it is happening.


I wrote the same about a week ago. I totally agree:


I saw this exact bug in the game yesterday, if it wasn’t fixed with the latest update I believe it still exists. Two people will both kill each other (one with zap, another with one shot/double shot, etc) and if you go within range of the zap, you’ll be zapped and the player with zap gets points.


For me, I dont get air deaths. I will control my ship one way, but then it glitches out and just cuts to another direction that happens to be a ship. I died like this 5 times today and it is really annoying. It just like, jumps to certain death.


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I’m green. I didn’t see a shot come from purple, however I was in range of him. I didn’t hear any sound effects, tho, and I didn’t see a bullet. Then I died out of nowhere (airdeath), and purple died soon after on also nothing. :worried:


Today :confused: Happened twice in the same game, but only managed to get 1 screen shot.


this bug is a little hard to describe and I cant take a video of it, but I think I discovered a bug related to the speed module.

I was basically spamming speed while picking up more energy to costly go fast, but when I seemed to have ran out I had 1 energy that wouldn’t go away. If I tried to use speed again it seemed like it let me go for a single or a couple frames or so. However, it would snap me back to a position as if I didn’t use it so I believe this could only be seen on my screen.

I also managed to get an air death doing this.

I’ll see if I can replicate it.


I’m fairly sure that if you use more than 1 speed at once, the game bugs out as there is a difference between what your computer sees and what the server sees. At least if you don’t let speed stack (it makes no difference anyway) you wont get any air deaths. That’s also why you can’t use energy - because your computer thinks you have energy but the serve thinks you are somewhere else.

Well I think that’s whats happening…


Oh thanks for letting us know Tribow!
I thought we fixed this particular case but apparently not.
Basically your client thought you picked up an energy but you didn’t on the server.
So then when you boost it simulates this on your client but then after network delay the server will tell you that you weren’t able to boost and get snapped back.
This is because the server is boss so that people can not cheat.
We will look into the bug :blush: