all in the title, I noticed a lot of air deaths, especially when I use speed burst. I think it is a new bug.

Active Zap hitbox after death
Cut-off someone who is having a hole make you die!
Air deaths are back and stronger
Fake infinite Speed
Air Death!?

Were they ever gone? :joy:
On a serious note, I haven’t noticed them appearing more frequent since the last updates.

There are still quite some desyncs but we are having a hard time figuring out the cause.
It indeed seems related to speed but when we test it never happens with maximum lag and other randomness.
So we always test in the worst environment possible but it rarely happens.

Hopefully when we have replays ready we will be able to analyze the reported game and find out the cause of desyncs but right now we’re unable to fix it.


Haha for me yes it was gone. Now it is not rarely and I play in one of the best environment (no lag, powerful pc). I can record some if it helps you.


Yes, recording are always very helpful.


At least cuz of this i wont lost higher than -200


Just did this video with less than 10 minutes playing, about 5 -6 air deaths. Hope it will help the devs team.


I get a lot of air deaths too - I can try and record some too - but unlike wolfsshadow, my laptop is basically dead so recordings usually end up making my laptop make weird noises. :confused:

I can say that they are mostly when im trying to go through holes and near to mines.


I also got one today.
I have noticed, that i killed a player while he was zapping, and i died near his dead ship later.
So maybe the effect of the zap wasn’t diabled with the death. (It’s just a guess)


Noticed the same as you guys


Another bug: impossible to use powerups. I noticed that exclusively with speed. When you try to use powerups it’s blocked, you hear the sound like you are using it but nothing happens. It works again when you grab another item.


I also have the feeling that air deaths have become more frequent since the update, but of course I can’t say for certain.
btw: a record function would be really awesome.


me too :wink:

Mostly when I go through a hole.


Hm weird that so many people are experiencing more desyncs/airdeaths :confused:

We try to track when desyncs occur. (when the position of death doesn’t match with the server)
Doesn’t look like there are more events triggered since the update.
However, this probably isn’t that accurate and it most likely doesn’t account for all air deaths.

Graph from last 14 days. (28k events and 8k users experienced it :stuck_out_tongue: )

If we have time (we’re currently extremely busy with gamemodes) we will look into it more.
Thnx for the video btw @wolfsshadow


Anything to help devs, np man


More air deaths


Maybe that would help to devs: I noticed that sometimes when someone is killed at the moment when he used zap, I die in the air when I go near the place of his death. Probably zap still works after his death?


Cool, thanks for that.
Will test that out tomorrow.


I seem to have less /no air deaths when I don’t try to stack speeds. Also on my screen stacking speeds does nothing. Maybe that’s the problem? (by stacking I mean activating 2 speeds at once)


It seems I was right. I saw today how a “dead” ship got direct kill zap points (he didn’t have other modules) when the guy died in the air near him :slight_smile:

Active Zap hitbox after death

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I noticed a lot of air deaths after the latest update. Air deaths usually happen at the edge of the map. Maybe there is the problem with the bullets. Its look like the bullet sometimes isnt showed before going trough wall.