Airdeaths 2019


Since last week (more or less) I noticed several airdeaths.
What about you?


Yes,also in team mode,but we know all em and we love this flawfull lovely game that gives tons of fun


Airdeaths ≠ fun


airdeaths are back (and lags too) :crying_cat_face:


I think the problem isn’t the fact that its a bug but its that when people die, they blow up and at times it can leave extremely tiny remnants of curves that are very hard to see. I’ve run into it a lot of times in the past week or so. A fix for this would be to create a limit as to how small curves can become or for the game engine to notice that its to small and remove it (if thats even possible :flushed: )


again today… airdeaths are back… but in 2020 :weary:


I remember trying curve fever pro in 2018… wasn’t the best… And I’d say sometimes air deaths are good along as they happen to ur competitors