Air deaths galore



Many airdeaths.

still loving the game


Coliding snakes galore too


Such detail much wow :exploding_head:
What’s the point of this topic :joy:


Geert told me to post all the bugs on the forum as separate topics. For more detail it seems like there is an issue syncing up local clients and the server as there are plenty of times when on my screen people will die on air or go offscreen.


well then, colliding happens when 2 ships touch [as in the cores of the ships], and both people are going the same direction.

the person who is slightly behind in collision will die after the person in front jumps, or gets too far in front


I also had the issue, when I was going through completely empty space and just explode in “mid-air”. That’s what I would call an air death… I cannot find the replay, though… gonna post it, if it happens again.