Air Death!?



I’m green. I didn’t see a shot come from purple, however I was in range of him. I didn’t hear any sound effects, tho, and I didn’t see a bullet. Then I died out of nowhere (airdeath), and purple died soon after on also nothing. :worried:


When the bullet start to disappear he explose with a small range


The problem is that I neither heard nor saw any shot at all, plus he died randomly right after me.


Sometimes when you are with medium quality you can’t see the bullet or when you or the player is laggy


This doesn’t explain how the guy at the top died after me, though, as I didn’t kill him.


Does he use a modules which can kill himself with them?


No, he didn’t kill himself, he simply died.

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Are you sure yellow did not zap you through the wall?


What abilities did you have/use?
And did you pick up any fevers? If so which ones?


I believe I was using speed and either jump or shield, however as you can tell if it was jump, i didn’t use it in that round. I also didn’t pick up any fevers. As for the possibility of Zap, I killed yellow before going up to the top of the screen and back down again. I also dont think that yellow even had ZAP xD


I experienced this a lot of times on that one tourney. :joy:


Since airdeaths are still here I will continue this topic and upload screenshots. I think it’s not difficult for everyone to do the same, I hope it will help devs to finally exclude airdeaths from the game.

  1. Me (red) and Yellow died in the air at the same place. Time bomb destroyed the curve some seconds before, but it seems the game doesn’t think so (so probably there is invisible wall there)

  2. It was nothing special: I got lo/rez from Yellow and then just died in the air



@Owl experienced them as well.

Myself and Purple died to airdeaths in a similar region.

In case it has todo with the settings again… here r mine.


I confirm the air deaths returned to me today, and as far as I saw I think this is specifically the type of airdeaths related to lines previously destructed by bombs/mines.

(apart from one air death which wasn’t related to mines which I experienced too, but this one seemed to be the “standard” case of first round desynchronization problem, but this reason for air-deaths has not been gone hence it doesn’t count into “air-deaths returned”).


4 players died to it in one single round :joy:


funny uptade :radość: air death come back


We are aware of the increasing number of air deaths since last update, but we have decided not to revert it as the update includes fixes for other important bugs and also leads to big performance improvements. We will try to release a fix for the new air deaths as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding!


hehe :joy: well frustrating times ahead but im sure u will solve this problem soon


So I just had a game with like 5 or 6 airdeaths, half of which were me. One happened in last round where grey line for laser was lined up with 1st place and then i died on air before it hit. Gotta love that -9 and bronze crate!