Aiming modules



I’ve seen multiple people aiming their modules, and one player tried to help me understand how to do it to no avail. From what I can tell there are only 4 buttons that do anything (WASD or arrow keys) and those don’t help me aim my modules no matter what I try.

I’ve been looking for information across the web and have found nothing that explains how to do it. The options menu has a section for controls and the only thing there is a choice of how to arm my modules (tap or hold). I have no clue.

Thanks in advance for any help


As you know, your Left Arrow / ‘A’ and Right Arrow ‘D’ keys are for the rotation of the ship you’re playing with. You can use your top module with the Up Arrow / ‘W’ key and Down Arrow / ‘S’ key for the bottom module.

So, in this game your modules are being launched from the head of your ship in a straight line. That’s why the only way to aim at something is simply by shooting while rotating your ship. So you’ve got to shoot infront of the enemy ships and by the time your module gets close to them you could hit them.
You could either use the tapping or the holding mechanic to throw anything besides the shot modules. Personally I use the holding mechanic because this way I have more control over the modules.
I would suggest you to play in a custom practice match (you can make one by starting a custom match with only yourself in it) and to try both mechanics. From then on, you could keep on practicing your aiming by focusing at one point of the map and shooting at this direction.


I figured out what the disconnect is. It didn’t register with me that fever and mine/bomb modules have the option of being thrown backwards depending on if they’re put on Up (forwards) or Down (backwards)