Ads.(Are Awful)



Actually I played some ranked quicks yesterday and I totally don’t mind :joy: you can wish other gl and hf and chat with some people. Since the turrets came out the social aspect (talking in between rounds) got totally lost since everyone wants to turret. That is the reason I hate them. But like this you got at lest 30 secs to talk at the beginning :joy:


Totally agree, I only miss the mute button to be able to ignore ad. Other than that ads are ok-ish.


Yeah, lol.


Theres vip now that skips ads


Curve is getting a bit pay to have fun


just get a game with a vip user and all your problems are solved


Thats pretty hard!


I have gotten into a game with a VIP once.


All your problems might be solved if u give them $5 per month (16 cents per day aprox)


no. why would i do dat


Why don’t we see the ads right away when waiting for other players? The first could get the longest ad and the last one or two one of these that last only 5 seconds. This would make everything much faster with still the same total ad count.

Of course the fifth or so might skip only the last seconds of the ads of the ones before him - thereby not skipping so much of the ad revenue for the devs - which in turn could make skipping cheaper … like 5 gems or even dynamically calculated. Same income but much lesser wait :slight_smile:



Because it is normal to pay for service and this game is service provided for you?


nobody likes to pay any cent for any thing,but there are a full team of devs and mods working to bring us the best of a entertaing videogame which let us spend so many funny moment to our "bored"lifes,im agreed to contribute, either watching ads or paying to skip them xd

  1. I dont wanna spend money on a free game

  2. Remember Energys?


1.its ok,is up to you,you are still helping them by watching the ads
2.i remember them ,although ppl who spent money on it wont have any reimbursement,the same for ppl who spent virtual coins on leveling up the ship tiers


Ads have been removed


omg energy made me so triggered





…ok then


Yeet I didn’t play then

Also I love how it’s free