Ads.(Are Awful)



In my thought ads are okay but 10 gems is way too much! thats a whole level! I think we should add gold bacck!!! JK but make it a bit less gems than 10 pls

Change the Ad System
Ads Are Horrible

I believe that the devs can just make it 5 gems


I agree with this. But it would be better if every time you win a game you win 1 gem, because the only way to get gems now is by leveling up.


Or by winning in tournaments :joy: but yea something like that would be cool. Some additional value to a win.


Because we all can do that :joy:


And XP, because crates are super slow, and XP boosts COST GEMS. (And are 2x only, which isn’t much)


yes i totally agree

better ways to get gems because i can never make tournaments and then if i can its unfair because im probably against some sweaty tryhard whos mom spent all of their gems because she caught them on their christian minecraft server before dinner


well that took a turn


Instead of spending gems,we should get 1 gem per watching ads or so


Thats actually a good idea


Yeah, most games do that


114 games without ads for 5€ (most expensive gem-package)

actually if players don’t want to pay, how should the creators get an income? Of course ads are annoying, but don’t complain, if you don’t want to pay them for playing.

I think after several years of development and careful designing (remember how curvefever 1 looked like?) - and free to play - we should admit them to earn money with it, right?

Look: You can pay 5€ for 190 gems at the moment. This are 19 skipped Ads or ~0,26€ / ad. Only 1 of 6 players needs to pay that, so you can devide again by 6 makes ~0,04€ / ad. This sums up to 114 skipped ads / 5€ … and this makes ~750 games for you, if you only skip in every 6th game (because the other players skip the 5 ads in between)

114 games means 5€ / 28,5 days if you play 4 games every day ( or 28 games every weekend)

…and this doesn’t even count free gems and calculates for the most expensive gem-package.

If you find mistakes in my calculation, please correct me - thx :slight_smile:

edit 1: corrected numbers according to @Slops comment :+1:


@vtata - I appreciate your considered thoughts! Thank you.

Just to be pedantic, you’ve applied the “only 1 in 6 players need to pay per game” factor twice in your calculations: first, when you divided the ~0,26€ by 6, and secondly when you multiplied the ~125 by 6 to arrive at your final figure of ~750.

To keep it simple, 6 people each pay 5€ to get 19 games each. If all those people play all their games together, they each get to play 114 games (6x19=114). This 114 is the same as the ‘~125’ you arrived at before you applied the ‘6 player’ factor for the second time (the discrepancy between 114 and 125 comes from the rounding errors, which is why you said approximately 125).

So, providing everyone pays their way, you get 114 games for 5€.

However, I feel this is all beside the point. If people actually wanted to pay in this manner then we could just have a subscription/membership model without any hints of ugly advertising. (It’s funny how you mentioned the visual improvements of the game since Curvefever 1 - one of the things that drew me to this game was its attractive and well thought out UI - which is why I find the advertising such a jarring experience… it really shocks you (visually & aurally) out of the ‘world’ the devs have carefully created.)
Instead, with advertising, people are choosing to pay with their time (and arguably, access to their subconscious).


thanks for your review :slight_smile: - very true, I’ll edit the numbers :nerd_face:

I have some thoughts about the membership-idea, but maybe I’ll better let some other influences and infos mix into it. Until then, maybe @ArmenianAv3t1s62 share with us: Would you concider getting a payed membership (at some point) to avoid ads?


Ads are very annoying. All of us do not want to waste our gems. Can we at least get an ad-free 7-day trial?


Players who pay for the battle pass shouldn’t have to see ads. Either give battle pass users a lot of free skips a day or change the ad system.M uch prefer the second option because a video ad before every match is awful


It does feel like a bit of a slap in the face to battlepass users. I guess not enough people chose to pay and well, as a community we get what we deserve.


True that I payed once for the battle pass but that paying again to avoid ads is not conceivable to me :roll_eyes:


literally every match that I play that one guys says “I hate adds” Then everyone in the chat says same or me too.


today only played 4 custom games and every single match i had to watch ads xd ,and i thought that regular people which actually play for trophies wouldn’t like to wait 30 seconds each game because is kinda annoying ,i know this is only a test and devs are finding a way to make it more comfy for everyone :wink: