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in cf2, specs dont induce lag at all. And they can see the game with 0ms lag LITERALLY. It’s because they get a 2-3 second delayed picture of the game. The delay doesnt compromise the spectator experience at all (but infact enhance it cuz of no lag)… So cf pro should do something similar.


I mean cfpro. Cfpro isnt 2 years old. I played cf3 too.


Like this topic pls…I want to get achievement c:


cfpro is 2 years old
i wasplaying it in 7th grade and im in 9th


ehm @theTCHF Curve Fever Pro was released on 26. February 2018.


When I started I lived with my mother and with my brothers. Today… Today I have a loving wife, a big house with a garden, two wonderful children. Today I earn a lot of money because I have a company that brings profits, I am a happy person. Thank you, mum, for buying me the Sims for Christmas!


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