Add friendlist



Please add friendlist to this game.


They’ll implement it soon hier. So please be patient!


Heri relax :stuck_out_tongue: i will shoot one of those lsd :mushroom: in ur face if that helps :joy:




So can you add friendlist to this game? :smiley:



As my friend told me: “My friend, patience is the companion of wisdom.”.
So please be patient my friend :slight_smile:


Eh… Maybe add friendlist? :smiley:


will be a chaos if devs insert friendlist feature,because when we spectate our friends on custom games,it turns unplayabe due to insane lags :wink:


So fix lag due to spectator xD


28 feb- They Will add it soon, so be patient
10 nov- still not there??? :joy:


I have to agree with @Paul_21cl, because spectators really increase lag, with friends joining it will become worse. But devs, we have been waiting for ever!


Do you want friendlist in this game?

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  • No

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So add this devs :stuck_out_tongue:


How about they add friends list with a limit on spectators?


Specs make costum games really laggy


First do something with this “constant lag”. The game feels clunky even on 60 fps and 20 ping.


not for me … weird


I started playing around 1 year ago. Believe me or not, it was smoother.


i said no, just for fun


@44FrenchFries i started playing aroud 2 years ago and this game ran so much smoother than it does today


The biggest troller award goes to @hohoho
We should totally do a end of year award thing!
Yeah add freindlist and chat like CF3