Add a new Powerup


I personally would like a new powerup, something to reach. Maybe this powerup can only be achieved by reaching a certain tier , like for example grandmaster.


I am kinda scared that this would motivate people to boost their accounts if they can’t reach it otherwise. But I agree 27 powers seems to be kind of an odd number :joy: and even in the UI 3 more powers would fit perfectly :thinking:


I don’t think a power that you get for being in the top 100 is fair. But new powers generally could be cool if balanced well. What kind of powers do you propose?

I got an idea for a cool one. What about another variation of the fever only with this one you fire a plane that your ship flies with, and when you release you land in the desired spot. So you wouldn’t actually fire a fever at all, you would just fly across the map but in the same fashion. You could only go in a straight line but maybe you could be shot down. Would need to be a slow replenish time. This could be a new passive/defensive module, you could call it “Jet plane” or something.


Idh any ideas but I want more powers! I’ll vote for that


Well, the day has come - 3 new modules and one (the teleport one) is similar to my idea! <3


Pls devs if u need more ideas,just call me out,im always willing to propose as many ideas as my little brain can create😋,yay


Yeah, same


If you need any ideas DEV’s just check out this New powers, Lets think?. Lots of ideas!!!