Accidental purchase



I got an ad which stated that the 250 gems skins are “on sale”, so I pressed on the ad to see what’s up. I then noticed they were at their usual price, I tried to click on one of the skins assuming some sort of confirmation dialogue will show up, showing the actual sale price before asking if I was sure I want to continue the purchase, and after 2 clicks it made the purchase without my consent. I have not used the skin in hope of getting it refunded, I was excited to see season 2 is gonna start and would had wanted to potentially purchase the battle pass, but now I will not get enough gems on time.

my email on my Curve Fever account is

Thank you for your time.


you can contact support and they will help you


[email protected]


Indeed best is to contact support.

The 2nd click is the confirm click.
Do you have an picture of the ad? I’m curious what it is as I’m not sure which it is. We might be able to make it more clear what the “deal” is in the future :+1:


there was no deal it just said ‘on sale!’ and a pic of a skin next to the choose your skin thingy


Same I saw it said ON SALE but i think they mean go buy it its in the shop