About v1.7.1


Since CFP v1.7.1 have been launched, I lose quite all games. Why? Because offensive weapons have now really huge advantage on passive weapons. And, yes, as you can guess, I use passive weapons. :sweat_smile: So now I often lose by 150 against 250 or even less. :partying_face: On bullet in the head is enough to ruin a game.


Agreed with u,i just started to play 3 days ago and offensive powers have a significant advantage against pasives ones,now pasives defends 30% and every average player is now decent at offensive ones,i guess we 'll have to adapt our way of playing at all


i feel like passive powers should be buffed a bit or offensive powers should be nerfed or something like that.


Yes, i agree with that; we gotta do something about this.


I feel like atm every offensive module is too strong… surviving itself is almost meaningless