About the Feedback category


Curve Fever Pro represents the future of Curve Fever, and we’ll be improving and expanding on it with updates and new features throughout its lifetime. We also understand that there are certain things you would like to see happen. So, got feedback? Share it here!

What should and shouldn’t you post here?

Post your feedback about Curve Fever Pro in this category. Have an opinion about the gameplay in general, certain modes or features, or even bugs; this is the place to be. Create a new topic if you feel it adds to the category. However, do be careful that you don’t create duplicate topics. If someone else already posted what you wanted to share, bump that thread by replying to it, as well as liking it.

Furthermore, this isn’t a complaints category. If you have a complaint or issue, get in touch with [email protected], so we can review your case on an individual basis. Keep it constructive and discussion oriented.

Finally, please keep the discussion relevant to the topic of this category. Moderators and staff can unpublish or remove any irrelevant topic at their discretion.