About the Bugs category


Experienced something weird while playing Curve Fever Pro? Maybe you died without reason, or a button isn’t working, or maybe you saw a spooky ghost! Whatever you experienced; we’d like to learn more about it. Share your bugs in this category.

What you should and shouldn’t post here

Keep it on topic! As always, check to see if anyone else hasn’t already shared their bugs here. If they have, reply to their thread with your story, screenshots and even links to videos if you managed to record the bug in question. Always add as much circumstantial information as you can: browser of choice, operating system, processor, RAM, video memory, when and how the bug occurred and any visual supporting files. It helps us pinpoint and reproduce your issues.

And, as usual, keep it on topic and focused on healthy discussion. Keep the discussion relevant to the topic of this category. Moderators and staff can unpublish or remove any irrelevant topic at their discretion.

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