About me (all true and not lying)


Hi :wave:

My name is Lunicorn and I know a lot of you have been liking my post and commenting. I just wanna talk a little about me. I am adopted from Guatamala and never met my real family, either way I am still the oldest. :cry: but I just wanna thank you all for your love and comments about my guinea pigs name. (I am not lying). I am so happy to join this community and can’t wait for times coming. I can’t wait to see what I post next and how you respond to it.

:heart:, Lunicorn


:wastebasket: The typos have been fixed, good job :smiley:


Nice to see you here - hope to see you around in game or in the next tournament :slight_smile:

(lets hope this topic isn’t closed)


hi Lunicorn, my name is Meow


Welcome, cool that you joined our community. Feel free to ask anything if you like!

Most of all, enjoy!