A Solution to Leavers?


I have an idea to help with leavers in ranked matches. I know I keep referring to Rocket League however it is relevant since it is also a ranked online 3 v 3 game and they’ve got it right on so many levels so here’s my suggestion…

There is nothing more frustrating than one or more players leaving and the rest of the team will almost inevitably lose the game and then rank as a result.

In Rocket League if a fellow team mate abandons you, he or she will be replaced quickly by another player who was waiting to join a match. On one hand it is frustrating to join a match that is near the end and they’re losing however on the other hand you get a replacement when you’re down. I’ve joined games in rocket league and helped them bring it back when they thought they were going to lose. The team always appreciates this.

This could also speed up matchmaking since rather than have the player wait in quickplay for 2 other players to be available, there could also be a number of games with only 2 players left that have a free spot. Maybe you are in a lobby with a friend and you both end up joining someone that was left on their own against a team of 3 and suddenly not all hope is gone. I’m sure this could be implemented. Granted, their player base is HUGE but I think it would work.

Also in Rocket League, you get a 5 minute ban for leaving, a timer is added to quickplay and you cannot play until the 5 minutes is up. If you frequently leave matches this will increase. This stops players from just abandoning matches when they are losing and jumping straight into another one.

What are your thoughts?


Idk about this one :stuck_out_tongue: I am still for my quickfix! A player coming in to a probably sinking ship might not be fun at all. You have no communication no team plan…

I think the best thing to introduce quickly might be giving the rest of the team more survival and round starting points!


That’s a good idea! :slight_smile:


I think that if you lose due to leavers just to not lose points. I know this may lead to other cheating problems but it will temporarily help the people affected by leavers.


Then if you lose you could just leave and never lose any points :joy:


Good point @Line - what if the person that leaves loses the rank that everyone else would have lost but only if the other stay till the end? Hehe


I guess that would work as long as people don’t ask their friends to play with a second account where they absolutely don’t care to lose rank :joy:


Lets look at the problem from fundamental perspective.

People are leaving because its beneficial to them. They don’t need to wait for their team to lose, they don’t waste time and they can play immediately.

There are two solutions to this problem:
a) Punish people for leaving.
b) Reward people for not leaving.

Easiest way to punish people is to take away that what they left for, time. You can increase the ban time with subsequent leaves, e.g. 30 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day. However this is a problem only in team mode. For FFA it doesn’t matter.

You can reward people by giving them a boost that increases with each game and resets when they leave. The boost could give extra xp or battle points, but this wouldn’t be a problem for high level players, since they don’t need those things anymore. The other way is to give free gems (which everyone wants) for high streak count. It would mean less profit for the developers, but higher player count.


Honestly, if my teammates play terrible, i will leave the game, not matter the punishment. have to keep players from leaving the game, not fix the symptoms.

besides, you have a very small player base. keeping people from play your game by banning them is the last thing you want to do.


Good points made here.

I honestly think temporarily banning leavers and quickly finding a replacement is the best way. Most other team based online games do this. However it doesn’t matter now because FFA is back and I’m super excited! :slight_smile:


I have the solution against leavers.
I’m going to leave this game myself. :joy:
I read that devs are going to rollback to classic mode soon.
That’s a very good news for this game to survive.


haha i feel u topic creator,it can be a double edged weapon whenever leavers “leave” suddenly the game,sometimes they help me to not feeding my rivals or simply they sometimes i need em to feed myself :joy: