A place for Skin concepts


Hey its me agin. With the skin contest being such a succes i had an Idea.

There have been over 200 submissions and i know from talking to ppl that they dident even submit all their ideas. I myself for example did only submit one skin, even though i have like 8 more original ideas that i was just to lazy to develop. I even know that this is also the case for Zero and probably many more.

What if we had a place were we could submit all these Ideas no matter if they are only ideas?
I imagine a file or some sort or a databank, were everyone could submitt there ideas and see the ideas of others. Other ppl could than look into that and develop those that they find interesting.
From like a idea or a rugh scetch on Paper to a more sufisticated illustration in Photoshop for example. The community has shown that there a a lot of players that just enjoi the Prozess of making skins and develop ideas.

If u guys then want to add new skins to the game u could just look in to that file and take some good ideas and concepts that u like. In return u could simply ad a little textbox in the shop with all the ppl that where involved in developing that idea.
Like: Idea by Leroy Jankins
Concept by RandomNoob12
Or gift them the skin whatever.

This file would need to be moderated so that there are not like 50 fire skins all skattered around but at the same place. Also this way there wont be obzene stuff.

Im pretty sure u guys even have something like this but at the moment exclusivly for mods.

This would be way better than just having a forum post or a discord channel with all files becaus the spam will make some good stuff hard to find.

Well maybe this is a good idea but maybe its also to mutch effort to realise.

Anyway have a lovely day


Well, this is a nice idea, but I would prefer just a #fanart channel / category on discord / forum.