A new beginning - Rojoss taking over Curve Fever


A wild Sojabird :open_mouth:
Thnx :tada:


Oh and by the way Rojoss, is ray still a moderator?


one question does this game have a storyline if it did it might get more popularity


maybe you could also make map backgrounds something you get in the battlepass just ideas


Great to see that this game is still alive(ish). I wish you the best!


Welcome to the community.


Hi, do you know when will game be available on steam?


Later this year


maybe we’ll grow to three players


Rojoss is trying his best, maybe try not to keep on making sarcastic comments about the status of the game. Hopefully, when the game is released on steam, it will pick up popularity, but for now, it is a sensitive topic for everyone. I suggest you keep your comments to yourself, please.


Regarding that, even a year or two years ago there were no people playing in the mornings.
CF has always been a game that’s mostly played in Europe.
It’s actually super interesting that the stats almost never change throughout the years.
For example every weekend there’s like 50% less players, Friday evening has always been the most active day and in July/August there’s a big decline in users but always picking up in September again.
These are just some examples basically all stats are super stable, this is both a good thing and a bad thing haha.
Steam should bring in a bit of different audience hopefully that might help the game grow but only time will tell. :slight_smile:


Every weekend there’s 50% less? Hmm.


The decline during the weekends and in July/August could be the people that play in school.


Ye surely is, a big part of playerbase is only playing at schools.
But it’s interesting that they mostly only play at school and not at home in the weekends.
Been like this since curve fever 1.


What does Steam do?


Explains why half the players in cfp suck, they’re all lagging their asses off on their school computers.