A new beginning - Rojoss taking over Curve Fever


Hi all, I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially taken over Curve Fever. :tada:
I’ve always really enjoyed working on the game and have done so for many years starting with Curve Fever 3 back in 2015. Unfortunately Hidden Monster Games, the company behind Curve Fever went bankrupt in 2019 which put a halt on the active development we did for the game.
The past 2 years I’ve still done quite a few updates voluntary but now it’s time for something new.

I believe that Curve Fever can be a lot more successful than it is now.
There are still a lot of unexplored opportunities that could help the game grow and be more fun.
For me the most important thing is to keep the game fun, previously there was a lot of focus on the performance of the game to improve statistics and grow the game but for me this matters less.
This means you can definitely expect more content updates, the challenges update was a good example for this. Another thing I value a lot is the amazing community, there’s nothing better than making new friends and Curve Fever has proven to be a great place to do so for many players.

We can not look in the future and I’m unable to tell you how things work out.
But here are some of the things that will probably change.

  • More updates
  • Steam release planned for this year
  • More community focus, let’s make this game and community better together!
  • More active on social media again
  • More transparency on everything

Today I’ll roll out an update which has a new payment provider since the previous one couldn’t be transferred. Other than that you shouldn’t really see any immediate changes everything is just transfered to me. This means the same security measurements are in place and everything is kept as is.

Somewhere in the upcoming weeks there will be a big update with player profiles.
A whole new profile with stats, records, match history and more and you will be able to check out other people their profile to add some more personality to the game.

Then there’s also one more thing I’m excited to share,
Karig has volunteered to help out with development! :heart:
I still have a fulltime job and only can do so much on my own so having some extra hands will help a lot so I’m looking forward working together with him.

Happy curving all and as always feel free to leave any kind of feedback! :muscle:


I can help!


Rojoss, May I request you accept my friend request on discord? I need to speak with you privately :eyes:


You rock Rojoss, thank you for your hard and dedicated work, and congrats and thank you to Karig as well! Really looking forward to curving through this new era!


Rojosssss, what a legend! Thanks for all the time you’ve put in this game and good luck with all of your in-game and other goals in the future :star2: and the same thing goes for you Karen as well :+1: I believe we’ll all help you achieving these goals because anything is possible with a great community and a lot of positivity&interest :heart:


Congrats, that’s crazy! :tada: I am really happy for you!! I know how much time you’ve dedicated outside of work hours to improve CurveFever!

Rojoss has officially taken over Curve Fever

This sounds like a successful military invasion :rofl:

I hope I can finally see my favorite streamers play Curve Fever! :four_leaf_clover:


Yeah, I have to agree, the “taking over Curvefever” part sounds a little like a coup not going to lie, regardless, I am very excited and proud of the work Rojoss has devoted to the game.


same thing goes for you Karen as well

we love Karen :weary::weary: @Karig

gimme free gems :japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin: KARIG


I’m really glad you have faith in the game Rojoss and thank you for your transparency. I too believe there is no reason why it can’t be far more popular and fun! As I’ve said before it’s just the kind of game I can imagine fans getting excited about as their fasvorite players battle it out on the big screen with commentary at an esports-like event. Its not beyond the realms of possibility! The game just needs exposure and if you ever think about a kick starter to raise funds for promoting the game, you can count me in!

Looking forward to seeing the game grow, best of luck! <3


One thing that I’d like to say as well to the community is that the game won’t become more popular by Rojoss posting things on social media, go grab your friends and introduce them to the game so that we can create a greater community with more exciting players

Thanks you for everything I wouldn’t have survived lockdown and the rest of these terrible years without the game :heart:


I think the kickstarter idea is a very good one, raise funds for the game, while also exposing people to the game.


Bros, there is hope i will be a full-time curve fever pro twitch-streamer after this! Jokes aside this is awesome news, lets hope the game will stay alive and well and even grow,why not!


Me too for sure


Hi Rojoss, You have always been very involved with Curve Fever and have shown a great talent in making games and managing a community. I think you will do great and hope that Curve Fever can become an even better game than it already is. It was a pleasure for me to make a game like this, and I hope it will be the same for you.

Best of luck!


Geert you won’t develop the game anymore with rojoss? If it becomes successful will you consider joining again?


for now, I will focus on my own new endeavors, like, family, work and other projects. But never say never (if Rojoss wants me back on board off course :smiley:)


It feels so cool to talk with the creator of Curvefever! I hope you and your family have good health, and when you are ready come back to us :heart:


Broooo, I just saw the mail from you and… Good luck! I believe that you will make the game a much better than now. I stop playing this game years ago, but it’s still in my heart. It’s amazing that there are people, like you, who love this game.

Curve Fever is in my heart…
Please never surrender, keep the game and community Rojoss <33

You are the best!!!


Rojuice!!! Congrats man! I am really happy that someone with the knowledge, expertise and engagement will continue to work on this amazing project! As an ex-mod and appassionate player I wish you the best of luck!

KING ROJUICE :crown::cfp::gm:


Nice one @Rojoss :smiley:
Now go buy back the office with mural in A’dam, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Without all the sillyness though, great to hear the game is still up and running
And being worked on! It shows the passion you had, still hasn’t faded!!

Great stuff!