A new beginning, battle pass season 4!


Hope you all had a nice April fools day :upside_down_face:
The update from yesterday has been reverted, all back to normal again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To make it up to you I’m excited to announce that after 1 year and 7 months there’ll finally be a new battle pass! :heart_eyes:
The current pass will end on April 30th and this is not a joke! (or is it?)
In the upcoming weeks you might see some sneak peeks on our brand new Instagram!

Just like before you can see the time remaining in the battle pass now!

CFP Treasure Hunt Competition Results!

I just noticed I joined like a week after season two :sob:


Rojoss I had a more than nice April Fools Day. Because of that update I ranked up fast from Silver 5 to Dia 1 in less than 10 hours. I never got Dia before and I was so glad that you had that update. If you can add it in again someday I would be really happy.
Can’t wait for the new season of battle pass!


Nice job @aron123


I think most people now hate season three cus of how long it has been open :joy:


only reason i hate bttle pass is the fact i need gems
also rojoss
add a way to get gems based on ingame playtime
like achievements please


You can win them through tours and contests, that’s enough, otherwise the devs wouldn’t be able to make money.


wait until 1. of April in 2022


meanwhile i dropped from grandmaster to silver 5

still nice to see season 3 coming to an end.


yes but you can only have 3 people who actually get gems from tours, and there no one hosting official tours anymore
and the art contests are rigged cause depth always wins


Ha, not so fast about only 3 people getting gems. Look at this. Tell me how many people won gems.


No, depth doesn’t always win.


The devs can still make money, they just shouldn’t require players to do so. They should just give people that are around level 70 a way to get gems. I has been a month since I last leveled up! It doesn’t have to be much. I would be happy with getting 1/4 of a gem in each gold crate! JUST GIVE US A WAY TO PROGRESS!


That’s the only way they can. The game is free, so they have to rely on the purchases of in-game currency to make money. If players want gems to get cool skins and other things, then they should have to earn them through tours and contests, or pay for them.


Nice , we could need it :slight_smile:


@Rojoss thanks so much for creating a new battle pass! I think everyone here can agree you’ve made curve fever pro a much better game. Thank you for taking your time to make curve fever pro a better game.

  • With love from the cfp community


Will there be another drawing contest?


how about a curve fever trickshot contest?




Will there be a sneak peak somewhere else than Instagram?