A Group Gathering - Forum Event




Hey, it’s Property.

As of my birthday coming up on June 8th, i wish to propose that everybody attempts to set their profile picture on the forums to this image in particular for the last 12 hours of my birthday.

[i live in the gmt-5 timezone, btw]

As of this being sort of ego-ish, i just want to say that it’d mean so much to me as an individual.

I’m not saying everybody has to do it for the day, it’d just mean alot to me if it took place.
glhf, and here’s to the wonderful community on the CFP forums :love_you_gesture:


good thing you got the regular badge before your birthday lol


I got you fam :hugs:


lol i guess we can just set our pfp to this and just spam on the forums

but we will get banned for spamming so lets not do that


Honestly I’ll probably forget to change it back




Hey brothers


Haha ur just like hey brothers wtf :laughing:


guys how about everyone edit it to make it special for them

like mine says nobody like my username


I’ll allow it!


Idk how





Day’s coming, 4 more days!


Yeet I got you fam


i will put that image in 4 more days xd


I’m not changing my profile. I’m loyal to Dan Reynolds (lead singer of Imagine Dragons ) like the Secret Service to the president.


Plus, this is a good idea. However I don’t think anyone is willing to change their profile pic to Imagine Dragons on Memorial Day, which was my 17th birthday.