A few suggestions for this game



1: Opening the crates. Ok, so this obviously is not a big deal at all, but opening the crates takes too much time to make any sense. You might as well just make a “open all” button for the crates, instead of making us have to just individually open them for no reason whatsoever.
2: Ranking Variation: I am 100% not one of the best players at this game at all, but as a gold 3 at the moment, getting put into lower arenas, such as silver 3 and 4 arenas, is super annoying. At one point, I got into like 3 or 4 in a row, even though there were multiple golds queued right below me. This issue seems to be happening way too much, and I think that at some point, there needs to be a setting option to not be put into at least like at 3 ranks below yours (gold 3, gold 2, gold 1, etc.). I understand the logic behind giving us only like 4 trophies for like a 5 minute round, in the sense we are facing less experienced people, but I think that it should just be optional.
3: Friend Queuing. I don’t know if this an actual thing already, that I can not figure out, but I think that it would be fair to be put with at least one other friend into a game. I know there is the issue of teaming that could be faced, but still I think it is worth a shot, unless it would become a major issue. Friends are technically still able to click fast enough and queue with each other, so why not just make it easier is the question.

  1. It’s already pretty quick, previously you had to collect each item 1 by 1 and there was a lot of stuff in crates.
    8 clicks a day instead of 1 is not such a big difference I think :yum:. This probably won’t be added, not any time soon at least.

  2. The people you see in the queue might also be from other regions so you can’t be matched with them.
    We always try and improve matchmaking and compared to a year ago it’s already much better but the amount of users has a huge impact on the quality as well. The matchmaking will get a complete overhaul with the persistent groups though which will probably lead to worse matchmaking as we want to prioritize the social aspects of the game instead of the competitive aspects.

  3. Currently not possible but with the persistent groups update that was announced in the last dev blog you can kinda do so. The groups will be similar to customs so you can invite people to your group and friends can join your group through the friend list. We want to make the game very social and one part of that is making new friends so by default you play again with the same people over and over till people switch opponents or you switch opponents. There will also be teams some time soon probably so you can team up with ur friends. Obviously this will have a negative impact on the competitive part of the game but in the future we want to rework that as well to introduce good leaderboard (not just top 100), tournaments and so on. So there will be less focus on the actual rank. But the first steps are to make it more social.