A few questions



Hello there!

I have a few questions regarding the game’s progression in terms of development.

#1. What exactly is the developers’ aim in the game? Geert talks about a “core vision,” but could somebody kindly provide a more specific description regarding this vision? For example, how exactly do the developers aim to make the game engaging, fun, social, and such?

#2. What would happen if passives were added? For example, if we made a passive that increased your defense by 30 in-game, what are some possible repercussions? What if only certain players had access to this passive, and others didn’t? What if there were several multiple passives that allowed you to design your ship as an offensive, defensive, or all-rounder ship? Would that be unfair? Would it perhaps cause players to blame the system if they lost?

Thank you for your replies!



#2 … I guess by passives you mean that you kinda throw a fever and if you eat it you boost your own stats. If it really is a fever, or any kind of passive thingy, it should be usable just once per game. Otherwise i would just boost my attack/defence again and again and that would make balacing almost impossible (yes I think people might blame the system if they lose). Passives are maybe a nice idea for teamgames, but i do not really see the use of them in competitiv play, because they take you one slot of possible other modules away.



Sorry for not specifying. Passives are powers that are constantly active and can be equipped independent of modules. For example, +2% defense could be a passive.

Passives are active for the entire length of the game, if you equipped them first.

Thanks for your thoughts! I hope this clears up what passives are.



So basically a third module :joy:
Or in other words and upgraded ship? which they removed some updates ago



Not exactly a third module. There is no activation button; if you have it equipped, it is active.

But yes, it could reflect and upgraded ship.

Thank you for your response.