A change to the module rotation system



So, I’ve been seeing this system get a lot of negative feedback due to the random nature of it; made even worse by the fact that the 3 random powers are different for everyone.

Part of the reason for this is players are afraid of getting stuck with terrible powers. Like, if a player rolls nothing but passive modules, they have no way of stealing points unless they pay up.
Another part is if they feel they got the “weak” modules, they know that those they go up against are likely to have gotten the “better” modules.

What I would suggest is making it less random. You have different distinct groups of modules that you can use to distribute these modules more fairly. Instead of letting a player get upset because they got stuck with 3 passive modules; instead guarantee them 1 passive, 1 mine/fever, and 1 tap-based weapon.


I understand your concern. However, let’s see how it actually works out. I just did the math:

There are 7 passives out of 27 powers. To get 3 passives from daily rotation is a chance of:

7/27 * 6/26 * 5/25 = 1.2% = 1 time in 83 days

Now, don’t forget that you also get power points in your crates. To have only passives on a day to choose from has a chance of 0.005%

Those chances are pretty small. Let’s see how it will feel in practice, as it would also take away the excitement of getting 2 attacking powers