4 new moderators!


We have 4 new moderators!!! :policeman::heart:
Pleased to welcome @Karig, @RealRoxie , @Rynx and @Maya to the team.
Don’t make it too hard for them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for everyone who applied, we received a lot of great applications which is also why we picked 4 instead of 2.
Sorry if you didn’t make it, maybe next time! :slight_smile:


Congrats @Karig, @RealRoxie, @Rynx, and @Maya.

Just want to say a few words to the new mods!

@Karig, I don’t know you but I hope with you being a mod we might be able to know each other!

@RealRoxie, With your amazing tours I thought you were a tour mod and it was quite obvious to me that you would be a mod, keep up the great work!

@Rynx, You as a mod was one of the last things I thought would happen! Congrats!

@Maya, Congrats once again to becoming a mod! I never knew that you would become a mod :smile:! Keep up the awesome personality in-game :crazy_face:!


@Rynx oof


Thank you! Grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to more tours. :smile:


Very welcome to the new mods!!!


Thank you Aron and Life! and congrats to the other mods too ^^


GG to everyone who got mod!


Nice selection! I’m sure @Maya, @Rynx and @RealRoxie will have a great time. Good luck to you all!

Who the f is @Karig :joy:


Damn @Line :joy:

Anyway, thanks for all welcomes and good lucks! :smiley: Hope we’ll be good mods :smiley:

@Aron123, why the last thing you thought would happen? :joy:


I don’t know… I guess…


Congrats! Thankfully I like everyone on the team’s sense of justice and friendliness so far, Gl!


Hi. Thanks all for the lovely welcome messages. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure the older mods, @Maya, @Rynx, @RealRoxie and myself will provide a (hopefully) safe and fun environment to play CF in.

If you feel like you belong to those players who have no clue who I am, that’s understandable. Let’s play some games together soon in order to change that. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game.


I am a part of those players like how I said here:


karig is a moderator.


mans chill af, He also knows how to draw a line between what people really shouldn’t do and what people should do imo


dude kraig a guy that no1 has ever seen before becomes a mod???


Anyone can become a moderator if they have the requirements.
When I applied, I was barely active and no one knew me basically.
It is just the same case for Karig as the case I had


I knew you though :thinking:


I knew who Karig was. I have played them multiple times.


I mean… we played cf2 and cf3 :smiley: